Christie Jenkins: Entertainment Industry Work

Television Writing: Development Deals

“Stay Tuned” - created one hour show; deal with John Sacret Young, Warner Bros.
“Never Before in Olympic Figure Skating - special created for Bob Banner
“Dancing with the Stars” - one hour special created with Steve Binder for ABC
Three show deal at Fox for variety/dance reality; with Steve Rothman for Steven Hill

Film and Television: Specs Sold or Optioned

“Seinfeld” – episode called “The List” – purchased for the jokes
“Role Reversal” - feature film written for Christopher Reeve
“DanceSport” - feature screenplay optioned by Quincy Jones; George Clooney attached

More Spec Scripts

“Everybody Loves Raymond” - Lisa Koontz at Drew Carey recommended for staff position
“Grace Under Fire” - requested by Brett Butler
“Loyalty”; feature film - Finalist for Sundance Institute
“The Patrick Bissell Story” – movie for television; bought life rights
“Northern Exposure”
“Murphy Brown”

Shows Created

“Solutions” - Reality concept (1990) – was moving forward with Brandon Tartikoff
“Totally Cool” - young person’s talk show concept
“The Blondes” - half hour comedy pilot script
“The Ballroom” - one hour dramedy pilot script

Producing/Writing/Directing Credits: PBS and home video

“How To Talk To A Person Who Can’t Hear” starring Anthony Natale of “Mr.Holland’s Opus”:

  • winner of seven prestigious awards, including The Parent’s Choice Award 2000 Best Video
  • aired on PBS, nominated Best Educational TV Show by Governor’s Media Access Dept.

“JFK: His Medical Team Remembers” documentary based on memoirs of my father, Dr. M.T.
Pepper Jenkins, who pronounced President Kennedy dead at Parkland Hospital, Dallas

“A Guide for Wives”, mock/docu made for surgeon’s wives for the American Medical Assn.

Published Work and Best-Seller List

“Buns: A Woman Looks At Men’s” - sold over one million copies for G.P. Putnam;
international photography best-seller list - book and five calendars;
lauded by New York Times as creating “the Women’s Market” in publishing

Articles in LIFE, Esquire, US, Los Angeles, and New Woman magazines
TIME Magazine award for photo-journalism

Other Industry Work

Appeared as a guest and wrote some segments for over 200 talk shows including
“Good Morning America”, “CBS This Morning”, “Sally Jessy Raphael”

Host of “Inside Line” TV-magazine show, KIRO/CBS, Seattle
Figure Skating specials - personal liaison between skaters and director
Acting credits: “Dallas” “Days of Our Lives” “Star 80”; eleven screen tests for regular parts;
“Donny & Marie Show” (regular on original show); lots of theatre, trained in London

Personal assistant to: Armand Assante/actor; Sara Davidson/producer “Dr.Quinn: Medicine Woman”;
Peter Lake/ Casablanca Films; Mac Davis (on-set during weekly variety show)

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