Booking a JFK Lecture
Christie presents a full theatrical show surrounding private video of her father reliving his moment-to-moment in the ER with President Kennedy. It can also be given as a scaled-down lecture with multimedia for keynote events, dinner edu-tainment, or convention functions.

Sign Language Events
Breaking new ground again, in 1997 Christie produced the very first video to teach Sign Language to the general public. Called How to Talk to a Person Who Can’t Hear, it won numerous awards, and launched a nationwide speaking career on "The Fun & Fascination of Sign Language". Now that learning to Sign is a trend, she has given events in mainstream schools, town halls, and in mainstage theatres. Additionally, she helps churches to start ministries that will serve the Deaf, and offers Diversity trainings to companies.

Photography Lessons & Sessions
In 2007, an amateur photographer in Alabama asked Christie to give him a week of private photography lessons, and he flew to Seattle to receive them. Finding it a satisfying button to three decades of professional work, she now happily offers lessons by the day or week.

Your Great Ideas and What to Do With Them!
Having developed so many varied projects for the marketplace, in 2004 Christie began offering private consultations with those who have a creative idea and don't know how to take the next steps to realizing the end product. Clients have ranged from toys and television shows, to accessories and

Christie Jenkins
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